Warning Signs for Pests

A dryer vent is a nice home for a bird nest or an entry for rodents and insects. A clogged dryer vent can also be a fire hazard. Keeping a dryer vent cover on will keep the birds and rodents out and your home safe.

Thanks Chris,

The vent covers look great.  Also, thanks for fixing those loose shingles in front.

Rob, Ridgefield, CT

Other Services

Effective Pest Management LLC understands that there may be other areas of you home where you need service. We also know that many parts of you home are all connected and may be contributing to a pest problem. This is why Effective Pest Management LLC has expanded our services to include the following:

Gutter Filter Systems Gutter filter insert

Stop cleaning your gutters and have Effective Pest Management LLC install a gutter filter system to keep you gutters clean year round for years to come.

Effective Pest Management LLC knows that many problems a caused by water and poor drainage. Everything from premature roof problems, rotting wood and cracked foundations can all be attributed to moisture problems. Gutters are designed to keep water away from your home — but when they are clogged — just the opposite happens. A gutter filter system will keep your gutters clean year round.

Pressure Washing & Sealing Restores Beauty and Prevents Mildew

Pressure washing is a great way to restore the beauty that once was to your deck or patio. Over time weather, dirt, and mildew can steal the great look that your deck or patio once had. After the service Effective Pest Management, LLC will seal the deck to protect it against the elements. Effective Pest Management, LLC is your source for your pressure washing needs.

We Also Do Minor Home Repairs

Often, on inspection, we determine minor home repairs — such as caulking, dryer vent inspections and cleaning, vent covers, chimney guards, and gutter cleaning, are needed.  It is usually easier for the home/business owner to have Effective Pest Management do this work at the same time.

Call 203-749-0863 or email info@effectivepestmgmt for a quote.

We want to protect your home.

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