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Warning Signs of Ants and Termites

Termites & Ants
When structural damage becomes apparent - it usually is the result of years of infestation. Most damage is in basements and foundation timber just above the foundation walls.

Outside, it is important to inspect wooden posts, steps, trellises and other structures that are close to the ground for rot and damage. Wood piles stacked near your home often lead pests such as carpenter ants and termites, and should be moved away from the building.

A leaking roof or a blocked gutter can cause excess moisture in wood and in the ground next to your foundation which attracts carpenter ants and termites.  

Ants are particularly busy in the spring when they are looking for food and new nesting sites.

Residential Services

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Hornets nest

Your home is a destination for many different pests throughout the year. In the winter pests such as rodents will seek food and shelter in your home. In the spring many are just becoming active and will be looking for food or nesting sides in and around your home. During the summer an insect nest can be fully developed, and in the case of a wasps nest, can be dangerous. During the fall, as summer comes to a close and the chilly nights start, pests will once again look to enter your home for food and shelter.

Effective Pest Management, LLC knows that your home is where you want to feel safe and protected from these pests. We will help keep it that way.

Our program covers a wide range of pests that may become a problem for you and your family. Call and let us customize a safe, reliable and effective program to keep you and your family safe from pests.

We all know termites can attack your home. Effective Pest Management LLC can treat an existing termite problem with baits or liquid treatments. In addition we offer an early detection system that will help detect termites should they come close to your home.

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