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Bedbugs! A growing problem difficult to erradicate. MSNBC Video

Mice & rats are sneaky.
Whether it's warm or cold outside - mice and rats are trying to get into your home any way they can, and it only takes a 1/4" opening for them to do so. If you see one - there are many more... and they multiply fast!

Once in, they quickly become a serious problem, contaminating everywhere they go with urine and droppings. They will gnaw on most anything. These destructive creatures should always be handled by a professional.


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Call Effective Pest Management, LLC, and have us develop a customized, integrated pest management plan that will work for your home, or business. Whether your needs include a comprehensive management program that includes monitoring and maintenance, or removing a giant hornets nest that is too close to your home, Effective Pest Management, LLC will give you the benefit of personal service and experience to assess your needs, and provide a proposal based on the very latest technology.

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Rest assured, the primary concern of Effective Pest Management, LLC is the health and safety of your home or business — protecting your family, pets, employees, and customers from pests — safely is our top priority. We use the latest technology and EPA approved products to keep your home pest free.

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