Stink Bugs Pest Control in CT

Stink Bugs Pest Control: Smelly Nuisance Pests

While not dangerous, stink bugs have certainly earned their unpleasant reputation over the past couple decades as invasive pests. Originally from Asia, the brown marmorated stink bug has spread rapidly across the United States, becoming a nuisance especially when they invade homes and buildings seeking overwintering shelter.

As their name implies, stink bugs release an awful odor when threatened or crushed as a defense mechanism. When large numbers of these shield-shaped bugs start clustering inside wall voids, attics, or living spaces, the smell can be overpowering. Stink bugs contaminate surfaces with their feces and can potentially damage crops and vegetation.

Signs of Stink Bug Problems

Finding clusters of stink bugs inside, especially in the fall

Noticing a strong, cilantro-like smell when disturbing them

Seeing small blackish droppings or staining where they congregate

Spotting the brown, shield-shaped, inch-long adult bugs

Stink Bugs Pest Control and Eliminating Infestations

While generally not harmful, stink bugs shouldn't be tolerated indoors in large numbers. Their odor is unpleasant and infestations can become unsightly quickly as they emerge en masse.

Due to their sheer numbers and ability to keep re-entering structures, DIY stink bug elimination is extremely difficult. Professional pest control is required for lasting results. At Effective Pest Management, our approach includes:

Stink Bugs

Thorough interior inspection to locate stink bug harborages

Stink Bugs

Targeted treatments using residual insecticides and mechanical removal

Stink Bugs

Exterior residual sprays to knock down populations before they enter

Stink Bugs

Sealing cracks and gaps to block future entry points

Stink Bugs

Monitoring and periodic exterior re-treatments as needed


Exclusion and thorough interior treatment is key, as it's impossible to eliminate all stink bugs from the outdoor environment. With repeated service, we can continually knock down active stink bug numbers to manageable levels.

Don't let stink bugs ruin the enjoyment of your home with their foul odor. Trust Effective Pest Management to properly deal with these pests safely and effectively. Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive stink bug control.


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