Centipedes Pest Control in CT

Centipedes Pest Control: Fast-Moving, Unsettling Pests

Centipedes are fast-moving arthropods that can make even the calmest person uneasy when one unexpectedly scuttles across the floor. While technically not insects, centipedes are often considered pests when they invade homes, businesses, and structures.

All centipedes are predatory and mostly feed on other small insects and spiders. Even the larger species are generally not considered dangerous to humans, but they do have a pair of modified legs that can pinch and inject venom for subduing prey. This means centipede encounters result in an instinctive startle response for most people.

Common centipede species in Connecticut include house centipedes, stone centipedes, and soil centipedes. While varying in color and size (some can reach 6 inches long), they all have elongated, multi-segmented bodies with one pair of legs on each segment.

Signs of Centipede Activity

Seeing live centipedes quickly darting about, especially at night

Finding shed exoskeletons or dried body segments

Noticing centipedes under sinks, in drains, basements, and damp areas

Professional Centipedes Pest Control

Centipedes are moisture-seeking pests that tend to enter buildings from the outside environment after wet conditions or periods of rain. They generally don't reproduce indoors but need to be eliminated if they begin appearing in large numbers.

At Effective Pest Management, our expert technicians target centipedes using residual insecticide sprays and treatments. Our centipede control process includes:


Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior to locate entry points


Targeted treatment of areas and conducive conditions centipedes seek out


Sealing of cracks, gaps, and other openings to block new entry


Recommend dehumidifying specific locations to reduce interior moisture issues


Exterior treatment around the foundation, windows, doors, etc.


Ongoing monitoring and treatments as needed


We can quickly get large centipede populations under control and put measures in place to prevent their return. Don't let these fast-moving pests startle you or your employees time and again.

Trust Effective Pest Management to properly deal with indoor or outdoor centipede issues. Contact us today to discuss our safe, dependable centipede control solutions.


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