Carpenter Bees Pest Control in CT

Carpenter Bees Pest Control: Wood-Destroying Pests

Despite their name, carpenter bees are not beneficial like honey bees. These large, black-and-yellow insects are considered pests due to their habit of drilling into wood to create nesting tunnels. Unlike termites that eat wood, carpenter bees simply burrow into it to lay their eggs.

This tunneling behavior can cause significant structural damage over time, especially to untreated soft woods like cedar, redwood, and pine. Carpenter bees excavate oval-shaped holes about 1/2 inch wide and can extend their tunnels 8-10 inches into solid wood.

Signs of Carpenter Bee Activity

Seeing large, black bees hovering around your home

Finding 1/2 inch round holes in wood siding, eaves, decks, etc.

Noticing sawdust or coarse wood shavings under holes

Hearing buzzing sounds coming from wood structures

Expert Carpenter Bees Pest Control

Do not wait to have carpenter bee damage assessed and treated. The longer their tunnels go unaddressed, the more structural integrity can be compromised. While their stinger is smooth and relatively harmless to humans, carpenter bees will dive-bomb and buzz around aggressively if their nesting sites are disturbed.

Effective Pest Management has the experience and tools to safely and effectively eliminate carpenter bees and prevent further damage from their drilling. Our carpenter bee services include:

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Thorough inspection to locate nesting tunnels and starting points

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Treatment with professional-grade residual dusts and liquids

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Plugging existing tunnels after treatment

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Painting and sealing wood surfaces to deter future nesting

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Preventative treatment plans to monitor for new infestations


We take a targeted approach to treat carpenter bees with the least disturbance possible. Our technicians use proper protective equipment and apply targeted treatments down tunnels where bees are active and nesting.

Trying to seal or fill carpenter bee holes on your own rarely solves the full problem. Trust the experts at Effective Pest Management to eliminate these wood-boring insects properly. Protect the structural integrity of your wooden home or buildings with our carpenter bee control services.


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