Silverfish Pest Control in CT

Silverfish Pest Control: Moisture-Loving Insect Pests

Silverfish are unique looking insects with a silvery, metallic appearance and carrot-shaped bodies that allows them to easily hide and maneuver into tight spaces. They get their name from their fish-like movements and silvery sheen.

These nocturnal pests thrive in humid, damp areas with access to starchy materials to feed on. Silverfish prefer to remain hidden, only coming out at night to forage. This makes them hard to detect until populations grow.

Signs of Silverfish Activity

Discovering yellow staining or feeding damage on paper, wallpaper, clothing, etc.

Seeing their irregular yellowish droppings or shed skins

Finding live silverfish scurrying rapidly to escape light

Noticing silverfish clustering in damp areas like basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms

Expert Silverfish Pest Control

Left unchecked, silverfish will continue to multiply and contaminate more areas with their presence, eating, and excrement. Large silverfish populations become quite unsightly.

The experts at Effective Pest Management use specialized insecticide treatments and environmental controls to quickly eliminate silverfish issues. Our process includes:


Thorough interior inspection to locate conducive areas and active populations


Application of residual dusts and liquid sprays into crevices and harborages


Removal of heavily infested materials like books, papers, fabrics


Addressing moisture issues through dehumidification and recommendations


Sealing cracks, crevices, and entry points to exclude entry


Continued monitoring and targeted re-treatments as needed


After eliminating existing silverfish, taking measures to reduce humidity and moisture control is key to preventing their return. Proper exclusion through sealing is also critical.

Silverfish may seem like a relatively harmless pest, but large infestations indoors are quite unsanitary and can do serious damage over time. Let Effective Pest Management take care of silverfish problems properly.

Contact us today for a silverfish inspection and proven control solutions. Our team will work to clear your home or business of silverfish safely and prevent future issues.


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