Pantry Pests Control in CT

Pantry Pests Pest Control: Contaminating Food Sources

When pests like beetles, moths, and weevils infest dried food products in pantries and kitchen cupboards, it can lead to serious contamination issues. These insects are collectively referred to as pantry pests.

Common pantry pest species include Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, flour beetles, drugstore beetles, and granary weevils. While they vary somewhat in size and appearance, they all feed on and reproduce in dried goods like grains, cereals, pasta, nuts, spices, pet foods, and more.

The larvae and adults of pantry pests leave behind webbing, excrement, and shed skins as they consume and develop inside food packages. This can ruin entire food stores, making them unsafe to eat even if infestation isn't visible.

Signs of Pantry Pest Activity

Finding small moths flying around the kitchen or pantry

Discovering webbing or cocoons in dry goods or corners

Noticing small beetles or weevils in food packages

Seeing tiny holes chewed in cardboard, plastic, and product bags

Expert Pantry Pests Pest Control

Even just a few pantry pests typically mean a larger, hidden infestation is already underway in areas you can't easily see or inspect. Trying to control them yourself rarely provides lasting results.

Effective Pest Management utilizes professional treatments and methods to eliminate pantry pest infestations. Our process includes:


Thorough inspection to identify the specific pest and breeding sources


Application of residual insecticides along surfaces, entry points, crevices


Disposal of heavily infested dry goods to remove the infestation source


Comprehensive cleaning and vacuuming of all shelves and accessible areas


Monitoring and re-treatment as needed to break continuing life cycles


Prevention advice on proper storage and exclusion techniques


We don't stop at just treating the surface areas. Our focus is on disrupting the entire pest life cycle from egg to larva to adult to stop future generations from emerging.

Don't risk eating contaminated food products or spreading the infestation further. Trust Effective Pest Management to properly assess and eliminate pantry pests from your home or business. Contact us today!


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