Yellow Jackets Pest Control in CT

Yellow Jackets Pest Control: Aggressive Stinging Insects

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that tend to be more aggressive and dangerous compared to other stinging insects. Their potent venom and tendency to fiercely defend nests makes yellow jacket problems a major safety concern, especially around homes and businesses.

These striped wasps have slender builds and are between 1/2 to 1 inch long. They build paper carton nests that can house thousands of workers. Yellow jacket nests are often found in the ground, shrubs, trees, structural voids, or other hard-to-reach locations.

When a nest is disturbed, yellow jackets will swarm and sting repeatedly to defend their territory. Their toxic stings can cause severe swelling, nausea, and dangerous reactions in those who are allergic. Children and pets are at particular risk if they inadvertently stumble upon a nest.

Signs of Yellow Jacket Activity

Noticing yellow and black wasps flying around a certain area

Finding an actively guarded paper carton nest, usually concealed

Hearing loud buzzing coming from an unseen nest location

Getting stung repeatedly if a nest is accidentally disturbed

Expert Yellow Jackets Pest Control

Trying to remove an active yellow jacket nest yourself is extremely dangerous. Even typical insecticide sprays and dusts often just agitate yellow jackets and fail to fully eliminate nests.

The experienced technicians at Effective Pest Management have the proper protective equipment and commercial-grade insecticides to safely eliminate yellow jacket colonies and nests.

Our comprehensive yellow jacket control services include:


Thorough inspection to locate nests and point of entry


Residual insecticide treatment of entire nest and entry to knock out the colony


Removal of the nest after the wasps have been eliminated


Exclusion to prevent future nesting in the same spots


Ongoing monitoring and prevention recommendations


We take great care to fully eliminate yellow jacket nests in a controlled manner without causing a swarming incident. Our targeted treatments reach deep into nests to kill every wasp.

Do not attempt risky yellow jacket control on your own. Trust the professionals at Effective Pest Management to protect your home or business from these dangerous pests. Contact us today to discuss our proven yellow jacket nest removal services.


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