Hornets Pest Control in CT

Hornets Pest Control: Aggressive and Dangerous Stinging Insects

Hornets are among the most feared stinging insects. Much larger than wasps or bees, some hornet species can grow over an inch long. Their powerful stingers are capable of inflicting excruciatingly painful stings. Hornets are also extremely aggressive and will fiercely defend their nests, stinging repeatedly if provoked.

While not as numerous or widespread as some other stinging insects, several types of hornets can be found in Connecticut. Common species include the European hornet, bald-faced hornet, and the Asian giant hornet (also known as the "murder hornet").

Any hornets around a home or business pose a serious health and safety threat. Even hornet species considered less aggressive can inflict dangerous stings, especially to those allergic to the venom. Children and pets playing outdoors, as well as workers doing yardwork or home maintenance, are particularly at risk of encountering hornets and disturbing nests.

Signs of Hornet Activity

Seeing large hornets flying around a specific area

Locating aerial paper nests, usually under eaves, in tree hollows, etc.

Hearing loud buzzing from an unseen nest location

Finding larvae or remnants of a hornet nest on the ground

Safe and Effective Hornets Pest Control

Attempted DIY removal of a hornet nest is extremely dangerous and inadvisable due to the aggressive nature and powerful stings of these insects. Over-the-counter sprays and powders rarely reach and eliminate the full colony.

The professional exterminators at Effective Pest Management have the proper protective equipment and commercial-grade insecticides to fully eliminate hornet colonies and nests safely. We take a multi-pronged approach:

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Thorough inspection to locate nests and entry points

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Treatment of active nests with residual insecticides that reach deep within

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Removal of nests once the hornets have been eliminated

Wasps Nest Removal CT

Prevention advice and exclusion to deter future nesting


With our comprehensive hornet treatment, you can have the peace of mind that these dangerous stinging pests have been dealt with fully. Year-round monitoring also helps track any new hornet activity before it becomes a threat.

Never risk getting stung dealing with hornets yourself. Let the experts at Effective Pest Management take control of hornet infestations and prevention for your home or business. Contact us to learn more.


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