Rats Pest Control in CT

Rats Pest Control: Dangerous and Destructive Rodent Pests

While often associated with urban areas, rats can and do make their way into homes, businesses, and buildings across Connecticut. Different rat species like the Norway rat and roof rat have become highly adapted at living in close proximity to humans. This allows them to take advantage of food sources and shelter in order to thrive.

A rat infestation can lead to some serious issues for property owners. With their sharp incisor teeth, rats are constantly gnawing on surfaces like wires, pipes, walls, furniture, and more - causing costly damage through their destructive behavior. They also spread diseases via urine and droppings, contaminate food sources, and trigger allergies and asthma. Even just a few rats indicate the start of a much larger infestation threat.

Signs of Rat Activity

Droppings in corners, under appliances, along baseboards, etc.

Gnaw marks on wood, plastic, wires, pipes, etc.

Rub marks from oily fur on walls

Squeaks, scratching or scurrying sounds in walls or attics

Sightings of rats, especially at night

Expert Rats Pest Control

Rats are skittish, cautious, and highly adaptable pests that are difficult to eliminate. Over-the-counter traps and baits are generally ineffective and just scratch the surface. Professionals use a much more comprehensive approach.

Rodents Removal CT

Thorough inspections to identify access points and nests

Rodents Removal CT

Safe rat removal using traps and rodenticides

Rodents Removal CT

Sealing cracks/holes for proper exclusion to prevent reinfestation

Rodents Removal CT

Sanitation and proofing advice to deter rats long-term


We don't stop at just removing a few rats. Our team monitors and re-treats as needed to ensure the infestation is completely eliminated. Rats are serious structural and health threats - don't take chances with DIY rat control. Trust the professionals at Effective Pest Management for thorough, lasting solutions. Contact us today for rat control and prevention services.


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