Commercial Pest Control in CT

Protect Your Warehouse, Hotel, Restaurant, or Commercial Building Against Pest Infestation

Effective Pest Management offers commercial pest control in CT for industrial buildings, warehouses, and kitchens.
We know that the success of a pest management program can be the difference between being open or closed.
Effective Pest Management will customize an integrated pest management program to give you peace of mind.

Pest Infestation at Work? Call Us

We start with an inspection of your commercial property inside and out, identifying any current issues that would cause the pest problem. We target entry points that may need exclusion work and identify any current sanitation issues. When necessary, targeted treatments are done using the latest technology in EPA approved products to address a pest problem.
Non-chemical products are also used to monitor and achieve results. The goal is to safely address the problem pest, maintain and monitor the property to prevent and manage a pest program for your business.

We Are Experienced With Commercial Pest Control in CT

Effective Pest Management is experienced in treating many of the common pests in commercial establishments such as
roaches, rodents, bed bugs, flies and insects, just to name a few. Roaches and rodents can multiply very rapidly. Flies can be a public health concern. Bed bugs are very difficult to control as they can hide in very small cracks, travel within walls to adjoining rooms, get into luggage and other personal items, and are slow to die when exposed to many of the chemicals on the market. Effective Pest Management uses the latest technology with heat, steam, chemical and physical methods to address your commercial pest problem.

We know that the thoroughness of our work will give you a safe pest free environment and piece of mind. Effective Pest Management is your pest management company for high standards and desired results for your commercial space.

Seasonal Focus Points for Pest Prevention

Effective Pest provides seasonal pest prevention programs and additional maintenance to protect your home or business from unwanted pests year round. It’s important to have a program in place because there are various types of pests that will come out at different times of the year. From summer wasps nests to winter rodent hibernation, we are committed to keeping your family and your office safe.

Spring Pest Control Maintenance CT
Spring Service

Before insects come out of hibernation, we’ll spray the exterior of your building to protect against rodents, ants and other pests. We focus on any potential entry points, as well as mulch beds, and the foundation.

Summer Pest Control Maintenance CT
Summer Service

As the temperatures rise, so do the number of insects multiplying. Ants, wasps and cockroaches don’t stand a chance against our summer application around the perimeter of your home or office.

Fall Pest Control Maintenance CT
Fall Service

When the temperatures start to drop, unwanted pests are looking for a place to hibernate. A targeted application will deter these pests from hibernating in or around your home or office. We’ll also inspect and close any potential entry points.

Winter Pest Control Maintenance CT
Winter Service

Rodents are the biggest problem throughout winter, and we know how to track them, find them, and safelyremove them. We will also do inspections and use all-natural rodent repellent for preventative measures.


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