Moths Pest Control in CT

Moths Pest Control: More Than Just Fabric Pests

While often associated with eating wool clothing and fabrics, some moth species can become household pests, invading pantries, contaminating food sources, and leaving behind unsightly webs.

Common moth pests in Connecticut include Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, pantry moths, clothes moths, and casemaking moths. Most of these moths are very small, only 1/2 inch or less in size, allowing them to infest cracks, crevices, and tough-to-reach areas.

Adult moths themselves do not damage food or fabrics, but the larvae (caterpillars) certainly can. Clothing fabric pests like webbing clothes moths spin silken tubes to pupate in, while food moths like Indian meal moths contaminate dried goods like cereals, grains, nuts, and even pet food. The larvae leave behind webbing and staining as they feed.

Signs of a Moth Infestation

Seeing moths flying around inside, especially in the kitchen or pantry

Discovering webbing or cocoons in cabinets, corners, or on clothing

Finding holes or damage in wool sweaters, rugs, or other fabrics

Noticing larvae or caterpillars in dried food products

Professional Moth Pest Control and Prevention

Beyond just being a nuisance, food moths can multiply quickly and render lots of food products unusable. Trying to treat a moth problem yourself is often ineffective in the long run.

Effective Pest Management uses targeted treatments and monitoring to comprehensively control moths, including:


Inspection to identify the specific moth species and breeding sources


Treatment with residual insecticides along surfaces, entry points, etc.


Sealing of cracks and crevices where moths may reside


Removal of heavily infested food sources and sanitation


Follow-up inspections and treatments to eliminate later generations


We focus not just on treating the adult moths you see, but where they reproduce. This prevents further infestation cycles. Our experts also provide guidance on sanitation, exclusion, and storage practices to deter future moth issues.

Don't settle for pantry moths contaminating food or webbing clothes moths damaging prized possessions. Let our experts get moths under control using proven techniques and commercial treatments unavailable to consumers. Contact us today!


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