Earwigs Pest Control in CT

Earwigs Pest Control: Creepy Looking but Mostly Harmless Pests

Earwigs are one of those pests that just look unsettling with their elongated bodies, pincer-like cerci, and tendency to wiggle rapidly. However, despite their ominous appearance, earwigs in Connecticut are mostly a nuisance rather than dangerous.

Common species like the European earwig and ringlegged earwig don't bite, sting, or spread diseases. They use their cerci (pincer-like appendages) to capture small insects and defend themselves when threatened. Earwigs generally mind their own business, feeding on decaying plant matter and insects.

Signs of Earwigs

Seeing earwigs scurrying rapidly or hiding under objects when disturbed

Finding earwigs clustered in damp areas like mulch, leaf litter, soil, etc.

Discovering earwigs in basements, garages, or crawl spaces

Eliminating Infestations with Earwigs Pest Control

While not considered a major pest compared to some others, large numbers of earwigs invading structures can be unsightly and become a nuisance. Their presence also typically indicates conducive conditions of moisture and decaying organic matter that make properties attractive to them.

The experts at Effective Pest Management use targeted insecticide sprays and baits to eliminate and control large earwig populations.

We also take measures to make conditions less appealing to earwigs so they do not return. Things like reducing moisture, removing decaying vegetation, sealing entry points, and other exclusion tactics are key.

Our process includes:


Thorough inspection to locate earwig conducive areas and entry points


Application of professional pesticides along baseboards, foundations, and landscaping


Treatment of harborage areas and use of baits in key spots


Recommendations on moisture reduction, sanitation, and exclusion


Continued monitoring as needed to re-treat any re-infesting earwigs


If you are dealing with a large indoor or outdoor earwig problem, don't take chances controlling them yourself. Relying on professional pest control is the most effective approach to eliminating earwigs and deterring future infestations.

Trust Effective Pest Management to properly remediate and prevent earwigs from becoming a long-term nuisance. Contact us today!


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