Carpenter Ants Pest Control in CT

Carpenter Ants Pest Control: Destructive Wood-Boring Pests

Carpenter ants are one of the most damaging pests that can infest homes and buildings in Connecticut. While they don't actually eat the wood like termites, carpenter ants burrow into it to create nesting tunnels and galleries. Over time, this tunneling can cause significant structural damage.

Carpenter ant colonies are often difficult to eradicate completely due to their complex social structure and ability to establish satellite nests. Even finding just a few worker ants indoors likely indicates a larger infestation is already present within the wooden structures of your home or business.

Signs of Carpenter Ant Activity

Seeing large, black ants (1/4 to 1/2 inch long) indoors

Noticing small piles of course, wood shavings or sawdust-like debris

Finding smoothed-out tunnels or galleries in structural wood

Hearing rustling sounds coming from inside walls or wooden beams

Comprehensive Carpenter Ants Pest Control

The longer carpenter ant damage goes unchecked, the more costly the repairs and potential safety hazards. Trying to eliminate these ants on your own is rarely effective long-term. DIY carpenter ant treatments tend to only get rid of some visible ants and fail to reach the full colony.

Effective Pest Management uses proven methods to thoroughly eliminate carpenter ant infestations, including:

Ants Pest Control CT

Detailed inspection to locate nesting sites and entry points

Ants Pest Control CT

Application of professional-grade residual insecticides

Ants Pest Control CT

Targeted treatment of any nesting tunnels or cavities

Ants Pest Control CT

Removal of damaged wood and professional construction repair services

Ants Pest Control CT

Exclusion of new colonies through caulking and sealing

Ants Pest Control CT

Ongoing monitoring and prevention to stop reinfestation


Our experienced technicians have the training, tools, and expertise to find and treat all carpenter ant activity, not just the ants you can see. We use different treatment techniques tailored to the specific situation, from gel baits and dusts to liquid residual sprays.

Don't wait to get carpenter ant damage evaluated and treated properly. The professionals at Effective Pest Management will fully resolve your carpenter ant problem while advising on structural repairs. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and carpenter ant treatment.


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