Rodents Pest Control in CT

Rodents Pest Control: Destructive, Disease-Spreading Pests

Rodents like mice and rats can lead to major problems if they gain access to homes, businesses, or other buildings. While rodents vary in size and specific habits, they all share some traits that make them serious pests:

• Continuous gnawing to wear down their ever-growing front teeth leads to damaged electrical wires, wooden structures, insulation, siding, etc. This can create fire hazards and weaken integrity.

• Rodent droppings and urine spreads bacteria, contaminating food sources and preparing surfaces. This leads to significant health risks and unsanitary conditions.

• Rodents trigger allergies and asthma symptoms in sensitive individuals. Their dander, shed fur, and saliva can become airborne irritants.

• Running and nesting activities behind walls, in attics, and crawl spaces creates disruptive noises all day and night.

Signs of Rodent Issues

Seeing live rodents, especially at night

Noticing gnawed holes, chewed materials, or stripped wall insulation

Finding rodent droppings or urine stains along baseboards, in cupboards, etc

Hearing scurrying sounds, squeaks, or scratching noises inside walls

Professional Rodent Pest Control and Prevention

Even discovering a few rodents likely indicates a larger infestation is already present. Rodents are intelligent, cautious, and prolific breeders that are very difficult to eliminate on your own.

Effective Pest Management takes a comprehensive approach to fully detecting and eliminating rodent issues, including:

Rodents Removal CT

Thorough inspection using specialized tools to locate runways, nesting sites, entry points, etc.

Rodents Removal CT

Baiting with tamper-resistant bait stations using commercial rodenticides

Rodents Removal CT

Trapping/ removal of rodents as needed

Rodents Removal CT

Sealing of all gaps, holes, cracks - interior and exterior to prevent re-entry

Rodents Removal CT

Cleanup of all accessible rodent droppings and contaminated materials

Rodents Removal CT

Ongoing monitoring and prevention to stop new rodents from coming in


We utilize approved methods to not just eliminate visible rodents but to break the entire life cycle and seal out new ones. Homeowner DIY baits and traps tend to fall short.

Don't put off getting rodent issues assessed and resolved professionally. Contact Effective Pest Management for safe, dependable rodent control and prevention you can rely on.


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